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Yaddo no longer accepts paper applications. All application materials, including contact information, resume, work sample, and reference letters must be submitted electronically through www.yaddo.slideroom.com. Complete, step-by-step instructions are offered on the SlideRoom website. The application portal opens June 1 for the August 1 deadline and November 1 for the January 1 deadline.

You should plan to submit a work sample that reflects the type of project you will pursue during your residency, and that represents recent, finished work. Work samples may be visual images, video, PDF files or MP3 files, depending on the individual requirements of each of the five artistic disciplines. You may apply in only one discipline and one genre. Only submit what is requested. Additional support materials (reviews, etc.) will not be considered.

Questions about instructions or policies should be addressed to Candace Wait, Program Director, 518.584.0746. or chwait@yaddo.org. Include your name and discipline in all correspondence. For technical assistance during the application process, contact support@slideroom.com.


Fiction, Nonfiction, Drama, Libretto: The equivalent of a double-spaced typescript of no more than 30 pages, consisting of one or more short stories, a one-act play or the equivalent portion of a full-length play, or a portion of a novel or work of nonfiction, accompanied by a synopsis only if necessary. Dramatists writing adaptations from another genre should provide an appropriate segment of the original work.
Poetry: PDF, 10 short poems or appropriate excerpts of a longer poem.
Translation: PDF meeting the requirements for the form of the original work.
Artists working in languages other than English should submit work samples in both the original and English translations.


Works that are predominantly visual images.

Required: Seven jpg digital images
Optional: Documentary or elemental video of an installation


Instrumental forms (symphonic, chamber music, band), vocal forms (opera, choral, songs), electronic music, music for film, sound art.

Two separate musical scores: PDF (10 MB/each)
Recordings of one or both scores: MP3 (30 MB/each)
For works created without a score, a brief statement (PDF) should be included.


Performance art, choreography, multi-media and/or collaborative works incorporating live performance

Required: Video documentation of up to three exceprts totaling 10 minutes in length. Each video must be under 60MB, saved as mov, flv or wmv. The recommended dimension is 640 x 480px
Required: Brief description of the documented performance(s), 250 words maximum, including date, location and major collaborators (PDF)


Videos and films which are principally cinematic in nature.

Videographers and filmmakers:
Required: Video, no more than 10 minutes in length. Each video must be under 60MB, saved as mov, flv or wmv. The recommended dimension is 640 x 480px
Optional: Brief written explanation (PDF)
PDF of a screenplay, no more than 10,000 words. May include a brief synopsis if necessary.

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