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Watch Greenhouse Grow

Follow the construction of Yaddo’s new mulitpurpose artists' studio via this page, which is dedicated to a visual documentation of the project. Check back regularly for updates!

The new structure will replace the Greenhouse Studios, built in 1986 on the footprint of the original estate's greenhouse which was beyond repair. Designed by Balzer & Tuck Architecture of Saratoga Springs, the studios will incorporate aesthetic elements in keeping with existing buildings at Yaddo. The new 2,900-square-foot facility will contain two studios, one with a sprung floor to accommodate choreographers and performance artists, but also intended as a work space for visual artists, plus two living spaces and a communal kitchen area for resident artists.

The former Greenhouse Studios were demolished in late August; the new building, which is being built by Teakwood Builders of Saratoga Springs on the same site where the Greenhouse Studios once stood, is expected to open in 2013. After the Greenhouse Studios were vacated, artists in residence at the time were invited to express themselves freely inside the building ... view a sampling of the work they created here.

Check back regularly for updates, as we add new photo albums (see left).

Exterior View
Exterior View

Interior View
Interior View