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Yaddo Elects Two New Members

- We are pleased to announce the election of two new members of The Corporation of Yaddo, actor and director Blair Brown and children’s advocate Stacie Haswell Arpey.

Brown is best known for the television series The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd and for her performance on Broadway in Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen. She is a graduate of the National Theatre School in Canada. Her other  Broadway roles include The Dead (with Yaddo artist John Kelly), Arcadia, Richard Forman’s version of The Threepenny Opera, and The Secret Rapture. She has narrated more than 60 audio books and documentary films. Her film credits include Dogville, Altered States, Continental Divide, Strapless, Stealing Home, and A Flash of Green. Currently, Brown is directing and acting in the sci-fi cult hit Fringe for J.J. Adams. Brown also has delighted audiences at Yaddo events in New York City and Saratoga Springs with readings of entertaining letters  from the Yaddo archives.

Arpey, a lifetime resident of Saratoga Springs, is a graduate of Syracuse University and has a Masters of Psychology, as well as a Certificate of School Psychology, from Millersville University in Pennsylvania. She is the founder and president of The Local Egg Foundation, which supports children in reaching their potential, as well as an independent education management professional. Arpey, her husband, Mike, and their son, Conor, are among six family members who have the unique distinction of having received the Yaddo Medal when they graduated from Saratoga Springs High School. The family is based in Saratoga Springs, and they also have a home in Washington, D.C., where Mike Arpey works for the Carlye Group.