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Podcasting is a simple, web-based method for sharing audio and video files. The power of podcasting comes from the ability of listeners and viewers to subscribe, free of charge…more»

Meet the Creators of Yaddocast

Together, Clute and Edwards have produced two successful and critically acclaimed podcast series: "Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir,"…more»

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Yaddocast noted in the Live Your Best Life Section of the January 2009 issue of O Magazine


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Series One: Get to Know Yaddo

Twenty unique episodes exploring the history, culture, and artistic achievements of Yaddo and its guest residents, from Yaddo's founding to today. Each episode is an eight to fifteen minute examination of the life and work of one Yaddo founder or artist. Taken together, this series presents over 2 1/2 hours of stories and commentary that you may enjoy in audio (see "Yaddocast Audio" below) or video (see "Yaddocast Video" below) format.…more»

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