Performance Artists

Our illustrious artists working in live performance include choreographers, performance artists, multi-media collaborations, and more.

Rosane ChameckiArtist Performance
Andrea LernerArtist Performance
Lee BreuerArtist Performance
Hadar AhuviaArtist Performance
Tony AllardArtist Performance
Cortney AndrewsArtist Performance
Kevin AugustineArtist Performance
Ivy BaldwinArtist Performance
Amelia BandeArtist Performance
Tara BeallArtist Performance
Sidra BellArtist Performance
Torry BendArtist Performance
Monstah BlackArtist Performance
Jesse BonnellArtist Performance
Michelle BouleArtist Performance
Alison BrummerArtist Performance
Haley BueschlenArtist Performance
David CaleArtist Performance
Jibz CameronArtist Performance
Jibz CameronArtist Performance
Andre CarbonellArtist Performance
Yanira CastroArtist Performance
Mallory CatlettArtist Performance
Jessica ChalmersArtist Performance
Lenora ChampagneArtist Performance
Si-Lan ChenArtist Performance
Jayoung ChungArtist Performance
Allana ClarkeArtist Performance
Grisha ColemanArtist Performance
C. Ryder CooleyArtist Performance
Leslie CuyjetArtist Performance
Christopher d’AmboiseArtist Performance
Mike DaiseyArtist Performance
Kyle deCampArtist Performance
Zaida del RioArtist Performance
Mairead DelaneyArtist Performance
Elisa DelyaArtist Performance
Catharine DillArtist Performance
Mike DoughtyArtist Performance
Kevin DoyleArtist Performance
Merridawn DucklerArtist Performance
Heidi DucklerArtist Performance
Nicolás Dumit EstévezArtist Performance
Ayana EvansArtist Performance
Sean FaderArtist Performance
Molissa FenleyArtist Performance
Carrie FertigArtist Performance
Dan FishbackArtist Performance
Peter FlahertyArtist Performance
Julian FleisherArtist Performance
Adam FrankArtist Performance
Rita Hoffman FreedArtist Performance
Adam FrelinArtist Performance
Boo FroebelArtist Performance
Robin FrohardtArtist Performance
Christy FunschArtist Performance
Hakeem FuriousArtist Performance
Coco FuscoArtist Performance
Midi GarthArtist Performance
James GodwinArtist Performance
Eleanor GoffArtist Performance
Ebony GoldenArtist Performance
Joe GoodeArtist Performance
Morgan GouldArtist Performance
Sally GreenhouseArtist Performance
Sally GrossArtist Performance
Melanie HahnArtist Performance
Matti HaimArtist Performance
Amir HallArtist Performance
Caleb HammondArtist Performance
Gaelen HansonArtist Performance
Jennifer HargeArtist Performance
Michael HavertyArtist Performance
Eva HDArtist Performance
Keith HennessyArtist Performance
Jeff HillerArtist Performance
Ann HirschArtist Performance
Cynthia HopkinsArtist Performance
Laryssa Maria HusiakArtist Performance
Shaun IronsArtist Performance
John JahnkeArtist Performance
John JasperseArtist Performance
Caitlin JavechArtist Performance
JeccaArtist Performance
Linda K. JohnsonArtist Performance
Dan Alexander JonesArtist Performance
Sarah JonesArtist Performance
Paula Josa-JonesArtist Performance
Vanessa JusticeArtist Performance
Joseph KecklerArtist Performance
Victoria KeddieArtist Performance
John KellyArtist Performance
Sam KimArtist Performance
Starlee KineArtist Performance
Alison S. M. KobayashiArtist Performance
Michelle KranickeArtist Performance
Tomas KubinekArtist Performance
Jody KuehnerArtist Performance
Franziska LamprechtArtist Performance
Christine LavinArtist Performance
Tori LawrenceArtist Performance
Rebecca LazierArtist Performance
Erin LeddyArtist Performance
Soyung Katharine LeeArtist Performance
Phoebe H. LegereArtist Performance
Julie LequinArtist Performance
Anya LiftigArtist Performance
Kalup LinzyArtist Performance
Jennie LiuArtist Performance
Jodi LomaskArtist Performance
Isabelle Rachel LumpkinArtist Performance
Clarinda Mac LowArtist Performance
Clarinda Mac LowArtist Performance
Alessandro MaganiaArtist Performance
Julia MandleArtist Performance
Erin MarkeyArtist Performance
Merle MarsicanoArtist Performance
Sharon MashihiArtist Performance
Julie MayoArtist Performance
Maude MitchellArtist Performance
Hajoe ModereggerArtist Performance
Ratna MohiniArtist Performance
Emily MoorefieldArtist Performance
Tracie MorrisArtist Performance
Sahra MotalebiArtist Performance
Lexie MountainArtist Performance
Mary Anne Santos NewhallArtist Performance
Sheila O’ConnorArtist Performance
Ayo OhsArtist Performance
Pat OleszkoArtist Performance
Emily OliveiraArtist Performance
Edgar Gibson OliverArtist Performance
Dean OlsherArtist Performance
Ahamefule OluoArtist Performance
Andrew OndrejcakArtist Performance
Rebecca PappasArtist Performance
Pegah PasalarArtist Performance
Daniel PeltzArtist Performance
Anna Luisa PetriskoArtist Performance
Lauren PettyArtist Performance
Ethan PhilbrickArtist Performance
Jeffrey PinderArtist Performance
Ada PinkstonArtist Performance
William Pope.LArtist Performance
Michael PortnoyArtist Performance
Kora Feller RadellaArtist Performance
Juan Ramirez Jr.Artist Performance
Melinda RingArtist Performance
Brian RogersArtist Performance
Amy RuhlArtist Performance
Leslie SatinArtist Performance
Tina Susan SatterArtist Performance
Dudley SaundersArtist Performance
Tanya SelvaratnamArtist Performance
Nora White ShattuckArtist Performance
Stuart ShermanArtist Performance
Normandy Raven SherwoodArtist Performance
Joseph SilovskyArtist Performance
Andrew SimonetArtist Performance
Kuldeep SinghArtist Performance
Sara SmithArtist Performance
Jenny SniderArtist Performance
Anna SperberArtist Performance
Jeff StarkArtist Performance
Kristin StuartArtist Performance
Amber Hawk SwansonArtist Performance
Mat SweeneyArtist Performance
Fiona TempletonArtist Performance
Tatyana TenenbaumArtist Performance
Kamara Rae Thomas-HartinArtist Performance
Marc Anthony ThompsonArtist Performance
David ThomsonArtist Performance
Aynsley VandenbrouckeArtist Performance
Jonathan VanDykeArtist Performance
Sugar VendilArtist Performance
Jonathan WaltersArtist Performance
Jaimie WarrenArtist Performance
Marianne WeemsArtist Performance
Cathy L. WeisArtist Performance
Alyssa Taylor WendtArtist Performance
Kathy WestwaterArtist Performance
Eric WilcoxArtist Performance
Christopher WilliamsArtist Performance
Saya WoolfalkArtist Performance
Geo WyethArtist Performance
Leslie YanceyArtist Performance
Chin Chih YangArtist Performance
Sacha YanowArtist Performance
Reginald YatesArtist Performance
Cherrie YuArtist Performance
Greg Joseph ZuccoloArtist Performance
Renee ArchibaldArtist Performance, Artist Choreographer
Steven AusburyArtist Performance, Artist Choreographer
Olimjon BeknazarovArtist Performance, Artist Choreographer
Justin CabrillosArtist Performance, Artist Choreographer
Carol LipnikArtist Performance, Artist Composer
Michele BeckArtist Performance, Artist Film/Video
Joe DiebesArtist Performance, Artist Film/Video
Paul I. FestaArtist Performance, Artist Film/Video
Ethan SilvermanArtist Performance, Artist Film/Video
Jack WatersArtist Performance, Artist Film/Video
Laurie AndersonArtist Performance, Artist Film/Video, Artist Mixed Media
Sara JimenezArtist Performance, Artist Visual
Peter MinshallArtist Performance, Artist Visual
Sam NigroArtist Performance, Artist Visual
Hunter ReynoldsArtist Performance, Artist Visual
Gregory SaleArtist Performance, Artist Visual
Mike AlboArtist Performance, Artist Writer
Elna BakerArtist Performance, Artist Writer
Marilyn StableinArtist Performance, Artist Writer
Mark OrangeArtist Visual, Artist Film/Video, Artist Performance
Deke WeaverArtist Visual, Artist Film/Video, Artist Performance
Antonius BuiArtist Visual, Artist Performance
Rory GoldenArtist Visual, Artist Performance
Emily MastArtist Visual, Artist Performance
Glendalys MedinaArtist Visual, Artist Performance
Anna SchuleitArtist Visual, Artist Performance
Jonathan Ames#REF!
Young Jean Lee#REF!
Oliver Wadsworth#REF!
Joshua Fried#REF!
Jeff Talman#REF!
Elisabeth Bentley#REF!
Allison Kaufman#REF!
Ed Osborn#REF!

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