Future Vision—Sustainability

We’ve long held that our best path forward is to preserve our storied past, while building a robust and relevant future for Yaddo. In 2013, we worked with Ennead on a comprehensive Facilities Master Plan, which spotlighted the structural integrity of the Mansion, calling for stabilization of the building as key to the survival of

Jacob Lawrence at Yaddo

Jacob Lawrence is one of the 20th Century’s most celebrated American painters, known for a colorful modernist style he called “dynamic cubism” that was inspired by the shapes and textures of Harlem. Working in this mode, he created his masterpiece, The Migration Series, a group of 60 panels in tempera and gouache depicting scenes from the lives of

Artists Return to Yaddo

Yaddo will reopen its doors to artists in mid-February. “We’re so thrilled to be able to welcome artists back to Yaddo,” Yaddo President Elaina Richardson said. “We’re still a long way from ‘back-to-normal,’ but we’re just delighted to take this first step towards a full re-opening while doing all we can to continue to protect and support our guest artists, staff and community.”

Opera Issues Call to Action

“In this pandemic, everything has changed and yet nothing has changed. These eminent artists are still just as crucial as they were when this ordeal began, and they will be even more essential when we emerge together on the other side.”

Resources for Artists During the COVID-19 Crisis

This is a challenging time for many in our community, as artists and writers cope with cancelled work, lost income, and medical uncertainty. Yaddo has compiled the following list of online resources for artists affected by the pandemic, and will continue to expand the list in the coming weeks as opportunities become available. (Updated 6/8/20)