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Buster Keaton with a strange job? That’s how writer, singer-songwriter and former Soul Coughing frontman Mike Doughty describes himself. Here, he talks with us about his new band, new book, and why he always keeps a guitar in his hands. Shayla Lawson shares a tip for her fellow artists, and Glendalys Medina discusses why survey shows can sometimes be problematic. Friends and fellow Yaddo artists Olivia Laing and Joseph Keckler chat about work routines and whether luck has anything to do with making art. In Episode 5, we get "back to basics," with music by Joseph Keckler, Mike Doughty, Nas, and Ghost of Vroom.

Shadow // Yaddo airs every other Thursday. Tune in as we shine a light on the transformative vision of artists through conversations about art, literature, activism, ecology, inspiration and daily life.

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Collectively, Yaddo artists have won 82 Pulitzer Prizes, 34 MacArthur Fellowships, 71 National Book Awards and a Nobel Prize in Literature. Learn more about the impact of Yaddo.

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