Time. Space. And the freedom to create!

Yaddo is the leading nonprofit retreat for artists and writers, who come from all nations and backgrounds to live and work in our supportive community.

Fueled by a century of creativity, Yaddo nurtures talent. We offer refuge to working artists, an engaged audience for their work, and an inspired nexus for global innovation.

Artists, Apply!

Residencies include room, board, a studio and more, granting you the opportunity to work without interruption in a supportive environment.


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Collectively, Yaddo artists have won 83 Pulitzer Prizes, 34 MacArthur Fellowships, 71 National Book Awards, 65 Emmy honors, 47 Grammy Awards, 13 Oscars, 11 Tony Awards, and a Nobel Prize in Literature. Learn more about the impact of Yaddo.

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